The Safety of Your Funds

We are obligated to treat your funds with the same care we take care of everything else at tx-forex. Your money and its safety is important to us, just like your patronage is important. We are committed to creating and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients, which is just one of the reasons we follow the strictest safety standards regarding your funds.  

At tx-forex, safety of your funds starts here:

Fund Segregation

Separate accounts is just the beginning.  Your funds will never be joined with ours. Instead, they will be kept in well-known and well-reputed banks so we can ensure your money will be safe.

Data Security Protocol

Risk, including cybersecurity threats, abound. We are committed to employing the top innovations that will keep your funds and account safe from hackers and your data protected and secure. Just some of the security measures we use include:

  • Encryption of all transactions as well as the communications on our data servers
  • Compliance with Level 1 PCI services
  • Cutting-edge firewalls plus the most advanced Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to protect the information that is sent and received

In addition, our commitment to your safety expands also to our employees and their access to personal details. Only a small team of trusted personnel have access to our client data and all of our data centers are protected around the clock by security systems.

Should there be any downtime, we have processes in place to minimize its impact on our services, infrastructure and systems. Backup systems are ready for any irregularity and our servers and systems are being monitored and backed up around the clock. This includes customer trade orders and banking instructions.  

Risk Management

An important part of our safety protocol is making sure our clients are aware of the potential risks inherent in trading as well as when undertaking certain transactions. The security system is continually recording positions and automatically sends warnings to customers in case there is a potential risky trade due to their margin levels that could result in possible losses.

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